Our group started with a mission to decrease the gender gap in the STEM workforce. Many studies show that gender stereotypes and social norms undermine girls' interest in STEM, especially engineering. We set out to help resolve this problem by creating a judgement-free STEM zone for girls. 

The Camp

The camp introduces girls to the exciting parts of STEM, such as drones and new technology. Through a series of challenges, the girls learn how to fly, program, and race drones. The girls are also able to experiment in Virtual Reality and First Person View technology. From drones to VR, the girls are able to showcase their creativity, ingenuity, and passion for STEM without feeling pressured by boys or other stereotypes. 

Keeping Girls in STEM

Watch a quick video on the background of the Flying Eagles Camp.  Video and narration by Emma Acker, Girl Scout Ambassador, Troop 12406.  The Flying Eagles Camp is a mission to try to keep more girls in STEM and was part of Emma's Gold Award Project.

What Parents Say

"Having this community of girls together from this particular age group for STEM activities has been an eye-opening experience"

"The camp being all girls and STEM fun had her very eager to attend"

"It’s definitely piqued her interest for future participation in the STEM programs"

"I am so happy for an alternative for girls that offers STEM. Not all girls are into girl dolls and dance!"

"...Seeing her confidence grow"